Document Checklist and Secure Loan Portal


The security of your private information is important to us. EagleBank's Secure Loan Portal focuses on your privacy and is also very user-friendly. Once you establish an account, you can upload required documents securely and conveniently. The Loan Portal allows you to check the status of your application at any time.

For each borrower, the following information may be needed to process your loan application.


  • Most recent 30 day period of paystub(s)

  • Most recent two years W-2’s and Federal Tax Returns with all schedules (including K-1's)

    • If the most recent year has not been filed, a copy of the extension and additional previous years of Federal Tax Returns with all schedules (including K-1's)

  • Most recent two years business tax returns-all schedules (if ownership = OR >25%)

  • Pension paystub and/or Social Security Award Letter (if applicable) and most recent two years' 1099


Rent/Mortgage History

  • If renting, copy of current residence lease agreement

  • If homeowner, copy of most recent/current mortgage statement or note (for all properties owned)

  • Copy of Home Equity Line Note (if applicable)


Bank and/or Investment Statement(s)

  • Two most recent consecutive months (all pages, including blank pages) account statements

  • Statements must have your name, the name of the institution, the account number

  Purchase Contract/Sales Agreement (if purchase transaction)

  • Ratified sales contract (all pages, including addendums)

  • Copy of earnest money deposit check and bank statement showing the transaction debited from the account.


Driver’s License

  • Clear copy at 200% or take a picture of it with your smartphone then email it


Homeowner’s Association (if applicable, for all properties owned)

  • Monthly dues amount

  • Association name and phone number and, if condo, copy of condo payment coupon


Homeowner’s Insurance

  • If purchase transaction, copy of finalized homeowner’s insurance is required no later than 10 business days prior to closing

  • If refinance transaction, copy of homeowner’s insurance declaration page or name and phone number of your insurance agent and copy of real estate tax bill (if applicable, for all properties owned)  

Applying for a loan? EagleBank's online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off.

After you submit an application, you can check on your loan status at anytime.